Morning Light Misting Bowl

 Morning Light  Misting Bowl
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Morning Light Misting Bowl 
"Swirls of mist creates a heavenly view!"
Magic Misting Bowls are round-shaped, hand-blown-glass bowls, that create a healing visual mist from ordinary tap water, using ultrasonic sound waves.
The ultrasonic mist maker, or nebulizer, promotes more restful sleep, easier breathing, and helps to eliminate allergens, relieve headaches, hydrate your skin AND "ENHANCE THE MOOD" with our variable mode control switch for the LED lights.  There are 8 solid color choices, 8 color-changing patterns with 3 speeds, an on-off switch, and the option for mist without light (for sleeping and dreaming).
uses 20mm Replacement Disk
No one can resist the mist!

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