Wireless Infrared Remote Controlled Mist Maker

Wireless Infrared Remote Controlled Mist Maker
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NEW AND IMPROVED  Wireless Infrared Remote Controlled Mist Maker

Never have to leave your seat to control your mood enhancing mist maker. 

This incredible "high tech" remote controlled mist maker includes mister head, infrared wireless remote control, a wired control and a transformer.  

New improved design gives you more choices of modes for differrent MOODS.  

It can create more mist and now has ability, to offer you single color, mixed colors, fading colr, flashing colr, multiple color combinations, different color speed

changes, and now the ability  increase or decrease mist volume and more all from your seat or from the wired contoller as well.

Reguar price $59.99                                     
Sale price $49.99
  and comes with the Infrared Remote Controller $19.99 value free!

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